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The SPC Library Department strives to provide access to complete and well-maintained collections, information resources and equipment that support the instructional, educational, research and curricular offerings of SPC. Further, it provides a safe, secure and conducive environment and facilities suitable for reading, studying and other activities associated with educational learning and research.

Purposes and Objectives

1. To provide adequate library materials in support to the instructional, educational, curricular courses, and research needs and requirements of the students as well as faculty members of the San Pablo Colleges.
2. To efficiently organize the collection, safeguard its completeness, and to make them readily available to authorized users at all times.
3. To help library users in the speedy retrieval of needed information or library materials and to continuously enhance library information system for easy retrieval of needed information.
4. To maintain user-friendliness in all available services and strive to maintain the library premises conducive for reading, studying, and researching at all times.

Brief History

It was only in 1967 that Mrs. Rosalina C. Tambiloc, a full-fledged librarian, was hired to oversee the steady growth of the library resources from its humble beginning of modest library holdings to around 20,000 volumes of book collection in 2002 when she retired.
In 2002-2004, the Main College Library areas have undergone major improvements in its physical facilities, namely; the wooden structure was changed to concrete, installation of floor tiles, changed of the jalousies window to sliding windows and the air-conditioning of the library reading areas. In library management, the improvements are adoption of open shelf system; re-arrangement of furniture and fixtures, circulation counters, control desk, and librarian workspaces to optimize utilization of library floor space; adoption of a baggage counter at the entrance door and control desk at the exit door to secure library property among others.
At present, SPC Library Department is continuously re-engineering its operation procedures and enhancing its available
services to meet users’ expectation for a well-managed library resources and facilities.

Location and Unit Libraries

The SPC Library Department has six (6) separate facilities: The Main College Library, Graduate School and Law Library, Health Science Library, High School Library, Elementary Library, and the Audio-visual Center.
The Main College Library is located at the 2nd floor of the Macasaet Building. It has a total floor area of 535 sq. m. with a seating capacity of 450. It houses the book collection, thesis collection and periodicals, with a list of more than 29,000 volumes in its collection. Newly acquired materials are added regularly. The ML is divided into sections like General Reference, Circulation, Filipiniana, Periodical and the Internet Sections.
Adjacent to the Main College Library is the Graduate School and Law Library serving the needs of the Graduate School programs of Doctor in Business Administration, Master in Business Administration, Doctor in Education, Master of Arts in Education and the College of Law.
The Health Science Library (HSL) is located at the 2nd floor of San Pablo Colleges Medical Center, San Rafael Campus. The HSL holds a collection of books and periodicals on Nursing, Midwifery, Physical Therapy, Care-giving, and Radiology as well as library resources for General Education Program (GEP). Seating capacity is 450 students at a time.
Separate unit libraries for Elementary and High School are maintained to support their unique teaching, learning, and readingneeds for both the students and faculty members. The Elementary library is located at the 1st floor while the High School at the 3rd floor of the Amang Rodriquez Hall.
The Audio-Visual Center (AVC) is located at the basement of the Macasaet Building with a seating capacity of 100. It is a fully air-conditioned facility used primarily for the enrichment and/or enhancement of teaching instruction to students. The substantial acquisitions of multimedia collections are geared toward multi-instructional teaching methodology to enable a holistic learning experience.
Photocopiers are available at the Main College Library. The Bookstore is re-located at the back of Macasaet Building near the HRM rooms.
The Office of the Chief Librarian is located between the Main College and Graduate School/Law Library designed to be readily accessible to students/faculty members. Adjacent to the CL office is the staff working area also designed to maximize staff supervision of the centralized technical services task.


In ensuring the safety and well-being of all library staff and its clientele, it is important that the library shall determine the most essential services to be enabled or resumed and the work to be prioritized during this period of pandemic 

Suspended Library Services

1. Use of Library Spaces, Facilities and Equipment

1.1. Use of reading areas and discussion room
1.2. Access to computers

2. Reference and Information Services

2.1. Assisting readers in external service
2.2. Conducting face to face reference services
2.3. Accommodating outside researchers

Remote Library Services

1. Access to online resources (Open Access Resources)
2. Online book request/online reservation.

Emerging Library Services

1. Borrow a Book Online– Borrow a physical copy of reference material via messenger or Gmail.
2. Return a Book Online– Link is provided to fill in by the borrower to notify librarian about book to return and book drop
is provided at the main gate
3. Renew a Book Online– Extending home reading loan
4. Virtual Reference Seek assistance/ ask a librarian
5. Online Library Service– Request assistance in searching and using open access resources.

Library Service Hours

The Main College Library is open 42 hours a week without noon break during regular semester.
The Library is closed on Sundays, National, Provincial, City and SPC holidays.

Regular Semester:

Main Library

Health & Science

Graduate School Lib.

Law Library

High School Library

Elementary Library




Vacation and Semestral Break:


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM








9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Monday to Saturday

Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday

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Monday to Saturday


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