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The San Pablo Colleges Show Band or SPCSB is the official drum and lyre band of the school that hones and unlocks SPCians’ talents and skills in dancing and different techniques in using the baton and in playing different instruments such as drums and lyre. The organization also believes that the potential talent of each student-member must be developed and promote those who are musically inclined.

🎶 “In unity there is strength; in strength there is excellence; and in excellence we find harmony.” 🎶


    The San Pablo Colleges Show Band is the oldest organization of the school. It was established in 1983, 36 years after the school was founded. SPCSB is the official drum and lyre band of the school that performs in processions, parades, opening of sportsfest and NCAA, and special events in and out of the campus. The SPCSB is also in charge of every flag ceremony of the Junior High School in leading the Philippine National Anthem, SPC Hymn, and SPC March. The organization consists of drummers, lyrists, minorettes, and flag bearers that makes every event lively and memorable. The show band is not only known for making music, but is also known for making music with some moves and steps to entertain the audience. The organization has also built not just friendships, but also a family that each member can cherish forever. 



      The objectives of the organization are:

      1. to work for the restoration and preservation of genuine San Pablo Colleges Show Band, which asserts and uphold the welfare, interest, and non-academic rights of the members,
      2. to serve as an active organization for the dear school, inside and outside the campus,
      3. to initiate and participate in any activity inside and outside the school that will promote and/or introduce the talents as a proud SPCian, and
      4. to develop skills, talents, socializing, moral awareness, and sense of responsibility, and inculcate the true essence of serving the people.


      Photo Credit: Mr. Santi Fel

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