A school-based organization founded since 2004 which focus on the extra-curricular activities, propagating knowledge and appreciation to the arts of dance, music, and theater. Sinag ng Lahi Dance Troupe was then established by Prof. Edgardo “Jojo” C. Garingan the Artistic Director of the organization and Master Choreographer Sir Dong Santos. Composed of selected students from the College Department who have passion and dedication in performing arts. Most of their noted acts are when they performed at the opening of 1 st Anilag Festival, Wow Philippines, Coco Festival, SAYAW FILIPINAS Dance Festival, and recently held NCAA South in San Pablo Colleges.

The group shall be organized with the following objectives:

  1. To promote knowledge and appreciation on the arts of dance, music and theater in the school community.
  2. To develop the artistic skills of SPCians in a form of dance , music, and theater.
  3. To provide an avenue for the artistic expressions in the school community.
  4. To cater to the cultural needs of the school and the local community.
  5. To serve as linkage with other entities through cultural exchange.
Membership to the organization shall be subject to the following regulations:

  1. Every member must be a bonafide student of San Pablo Colleges.
  2. Every member must be enrolled in at least (12) units, except for those in the senior years.
  3. Every member must have no grades lower than eighty (80%) per subject.
  4. Every member must pass the audition to be conducted before the end of every school year by the artistic committee.

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