Visual Arts Society

Visual Arts Society (VAS) is a non-academic organization under the College of Arts and Sciences of which charter members are six Psychology students, one education student and two senior highschool students.

The organization’s foremost goal is for students with artistic inclinations and interests, to have a community that will push them to enhance and exhibit their skills and find opportunities for them to grow.


To nurture, develop, and discover potentials and skills of individuals in the different visual art fields through contests, screenings, exhibits, expositions, trainings and workshops.

To learn, improve and share skill knowledge to the organization and to the community by means of organizing and participating in contests, seminar, workshops, trainings and exposure to other visual art activities and learning experiences.

To organize recreational and social activities to foster relationship and group camaraderie among members and to find and nurture good linkages outside the organization to further develop and learn about visual arts.


The mission of the Visual Arts Society is to provide a community for the development of the students’ visual art skills and harnessing talents and potentials.


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