K-pop isn’t all about the music either. It’s unique in the way that is presents a whole new world for fans to dive into, as a distraction from the stress of everyday life. After School Hallyu Organization has been shaped-up to inform and validate the students according to what their appreciation goes through. For people who are unfamiliar with K-pop, it stands for Korean pop culture. Club members will explore the dances and songs as well as the Korean Language itself. Moreover, After School Hallyu Organization provides the stage for people who are eager to perform.


After School Hallyu Organization will serve as the students’ high standard entertainment body which can also separate reality and imagination for the students’ to still receive and achieve their goals and accomplish studies as number one respected goal.


After School Hallyu Organization at SCIENCE FAIR!

https://www.facebook.com/arirangspc/videos/297343174438764/ After School Hallyu Organization at SCIENCE FAIR Covering Momoland (Bboom Bboom) and Blackpink (Ddu-ddu-ddu) Medrix Masilac as Ah In and Rose Tricia Alib as Nancy and Lisa Jhaira Mendoza as JooE and Jisoo...

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