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Congratulations to our participating films! 🎉

Congratulations to our participating films! 🎉

Our sincerest gratitude to all the people who made San Pablo Colleges-Central Student Government Digital Film Fest a success. It highlighted the spirit of salvation and triumph that our Lord has given us. May all of us be inspired after watching these short films of...

CSG they lead the college students to create an interactive community they connect the students to the Admins of San Pablo Colleges.

  1. The San Pablo Colleges-Central Student Government believes that everyone thas the right to quality education and in the realization of this principle; the SPC-CSG shall adhere to this line of program.
  •  To advance consiousness of the studentry towards the better understanding of their basic
  • To educate the students to fully enjoy thier rights which will in turn develop their physical, mental, social, political, cultural, and spiritual needs.
  • To organize different academic and non-academmic organizations that will serve as their bases towards the realization of their common interest.
  • To lead and mobalize the students in their different campaigns and activities to be able to fully promote involvement in accomplishing a common goal.
  1. The SPC-CSG shall protect and advice the right to organize, redress to grievance, and freedom of expression of the studentry.



  • To work for the restoration and preservation of geniune Central Student Government which asserts and upholds the welfare, interest, and academic rights of the students.
  • To serve as an active forum for the students’ ideas and sentiments and to unify the studentry to enjoy and fight for high standard of education.

III.        To initiate and participate in student activities that shall promote hight quality of education             through immersion with the sectors of the society.

  • To develop physical, social, cultural, and moral awareness and sense of responsibility and inculcate the true essence of serving people.

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