San Pablo Colleges Grade School

General Objectives

To promote a well-balanced and integrated curriculum which aims to develop knowledge of God, inculcate values and attitudes essential for the pupils’ proper upbringing and provide an adequate intellectual foundation for the next step of educational ladder.

Specific Objectives

  • To offer children with meaningful, relevant, true-to-life experiences based on Catholic Christian Doctrine.
  • To make use of the knowledge gained in all learning areas in their daily living.
    1. To participate in the different programs geared towards community building through outreach programs.
      1. To get involved and support the programs of the government such as Scouting, Nutrition Program, Buwan ng Wika and United Nations Celebration; and
        1. To undertake fitness and health programs through different sports and physical fitness activities.

        Mission / Vision


          The mission of the San Pablo Colleges is the total personality development of the learners geared towards better quality of Filipino life through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values formation thus, making them productive and active members of society – quality professionals with universal proficiency.


          A center of excellence that develops, harnesses and promotes individuals who critically think, create and act positively for the betterment of Filipino family, community and the larger society.


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