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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a 4 Year Program course that aims to provide the students with an educational experience which will broaden their intellectual outlook, beyond their own professional domain, enhancing their awareness as responsible adults in society.
The College seek to develop in the students the skills in therapeutic procedures that will enable them to respond to the health needs of the people in their respective community. The graduates are expected to utilize and extend the application of their knowledge and skills to accommodate the changing nature of local and international practice as functional members of society.
The College of Physical Therapy aims to provide the students with appropriate Health Care settings and environment for developing competencies necessary in the practice of physical therapy. Thus, it seeks to develop among the students the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are integral components in the practice of the profession considering Christian values and principles inherent among men as God’s creation. The course includes the ability to analyze and evaluate expertise in the field as a chosen area of specialization in the context of an evolving and demanding health environment in the present society.

Specific Objectives


  • Active participation of faculty members and students in research
  • Establish curriculum that reflects current evidence-based physical therapy practice, research and accreditation standards to optimize passing of the licensing exam
  • Provide adequate learning resources to meet student, faculty, programmatic and research needs
  • Provide professional resources and mentorship to core and adjunct faculty for academic and professional growth
  • Make educational opportunities for the greater physical therapy community.
  • Promote Ethical Practice and Christian Values


The San Pablo Colleges upholds the holistic development of learners making them globally competitive through out-comes-based and technology driven instruction, quality research and proactive community engagement, thereby creating sustainability for all.


A leading education institution which includes nurtures relevant responsive and value – laden lifelong learning.

SPC Core Values







  1. Admission Slip (Record Section)
  2. Entrance Examination (OSS)
    1. 2 copies (2 x 2 pictures)
    2. Receipt of Exam fee


  1. Senior High School Card
    HD (Transfer Credential
    TOR valid for transfer
  2. PSA
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. 2 copies of (2 x 2 pictures)

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