Schedule of Dr. Eduardo O. Dizon’s wake

February 15, 2021#SanPabloColleges Sacred Heart Chapel To ensure safety measures are in place & physical distancing is observed, only SPC employees and Dr. Dizon’s family will be accommodated. We encourage you to join us in the holy mass that will be held on...

Enrollment Period for the Second Semester.

#SanPabloColleges community, here’s the enrollment period for the second semester. Senior High School: January 4-31, 2021 College, Graduate School, College of Law: January 4-Februart 1, 2021 Make sure to follow us on our Facebook page, Youtube channel, and official...

73rd Commencement Exercises for the Academic Year 2019-2020

#SanPabloColleges invites you to watch the 73rd Commencement Exercises for the Academic Year 2019-2020 on Dec. 15, 2020, Tuesday at 6:00 in the evening. A baccalaureate mass will also be held tomorrow, 2:00 PM. Watch via live streaming on Facebook, Youtube, and...

San Pablo Colleges congratulates our new SPCian lawyers!

San Pablo Colleges congratulates our new SPCian lawyers - Atty. Gamaro and Atty. Saracanlao. We are proud of you!

Congratulate New Lawyers

for successfully passing the prestigious 2018 Bar Examinations given by the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines


The San Pablo Colleges, College of Law commits itself to encourage and develop good future lawyers, will do credit not only to the school where they studied and graduated; to the community where they live and will practice; but also glorify God, by being ethical, honest and hard-working in their chosen endeavor.
Thus, the school stresses the importance of the intellectual, social, spiritual, moral and cultural values which go along with the tenets and aims of well-rounded Christian Catholic Education.

The seal of the SPC College of Law is shaped in a shield-form divided into three (3) parts. On the left side is the figure of woman with blind-fold holding a balance scale and double edged sword which symbolizes no partiality, decisiveness and professional competencies in exercising the law and serving justice. The background shade is violet color which represents solemnity in the preparation, study and application of the laws.

The right part of the shield is divided into two. On the upper half drawn the emblem of the school and the year it was founded (1947) and the beginning of the offering of the Law course program. It has a gradient light-gold shade indicating sunrise, the foundation. On the lower part of this side, dawn three (3) books of knowledge geared towards the understanding of the laws, upholding of equity and sustaining justice. This part is shaded in red color signifying fire of desire, devotion and dedication.

The shield is surrounded by colored flat-gold lace, etched on the top is the title “San Pablo Colleges “ (the school) and on sides is the College of Law: (the department). At the bottom, written the Latin words: “lex lingua justiae est”, which means “The law is the language of Justice”, the motto of the Department.



The mission of the College is three-fold:

  • First, to provide a quality legal education to the students who, by reason of achievement, background and motivation are qualified for the study of law course.
  • Second, to act as a center for the dissemination of legal knowledge, not only in the academe but through the society where they belong, and
  • Thirdly, to produce ethical members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines by passing the Bar Examination.


Core of dynamic legal professionals destines to be of service to mankind, who could meet demands of the modern times in the field of jurisprudence and laws.
General Objective
This College aims to prepare the students to pass the Bar Examinations and be ethical members of the Inegrated Bar of the Philippines for the practice of their chosen profession.
Specific Objective
  • To prepare students for the practice of the Law profession.
  • To train them for leadership in the different sphere of service.
  • To develop men and women for technical or policy positions in the service of government.
  • To prepare them to be able to contribute to the development of Philippine jurisprudence and legal literature.

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