“Cyber Security: Ligtas ang may Alam!”

“Cyber Security: Ligtas ang may Alam!”

Good day #SanPabloColleges community! SPC CCS is inviting you to attend our free online webinar "Cyber Security: Ligtas ang may Alam!" featuring Mr. Art Samaniego, the Tech Editor of Manila Bulletin, a Google IT Specialist and Cybersecurity Analyst. The...


Recognizing the potential for computer literacy in society, San Pablo Colleges, under the initiative of its Chairman of the Board, Dr. Quintin C. Eala, Jr., pioneered   short-term courses in computer in San Pablo City in 1985 with 161 enrollees under Mr. Emiliano D. Balinton who is the Director of the SPC Computer Center. Five years after, a two-year course in Associate in Computer Science was offered with 80 enrollees.  In 1995, a BS Computer Science program was opened.  Supervision was then under the College of Business Administration Dean with a Director for Computer Center.  It was in 1997 that there was a re-organization with the creation of the College of Computer Studies having the following programs:  BS Computer Science, Associate in Computer Technology and Associate in Computer Secretarial under a new Dean.

In 2008, the Associate in Computer Secretarial Program was changed to Associate in Office Administration with Computer Applications to make it more relevant to the needs of the times.  The BSCS and ACT academic curricula are based on CHED Order No. 253 series of 2006 entitled Policies and Standards for Information Technology (ITE) Programs while the AOA academic curriculum is based on CHED Order No. 22, series of 2006 entitled Policies and Standards for Bachelor of Science in Office Administration.  In 2011, a BS Information Technology program was opened. It academic curricula was based on CHED Order No. 53. series of 2006. The curricula for BSCS, ACT and AOA have been noted by the Director of CHED-RO IV-A while Temporary permit for the operation of First to Second Year for BSIT was granted by CHED-RO IV-A last December 2010. The policies contained in this manual serve as the foundation of beliefs that create the direction, actions and procedures of the COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES in particular and San Pablo Colleges in general.   It is hoped that these policies serve as a useful reference tool for the faculty, students and staff.  Supplementary policies and revisions to existing policies

San Pablo Colleges College of Computer Studies
The College of Computer Science Department Logo

The College of Computer Science Department Logo is basically made up of symbols relevant to the College and the Department’s mission and vision. Its center is basically made up of symbols describing the core of its educational and technological services.


The Open Hands show the gesture of recognition and acceptance of technological ideas in the field of computer and information technology for professional advancement. It also the students’ being molded with their required computer skills, and the department’s hand reaching out and tending out to the student to carry out its mission of producing competent computer skilled individuals to answer to the global demand for computer and information technology inclined professionals. The center is the Convergence of different hardware attached to the computer system which states the department’s major focus of computer study safeguarding the trending of technology such as software, hardware and languages that comprised it. The Shielded Board Chipset symbolized the CCS values towards quality work which identify the distinctive performance as well as the trademark of excellence in professional practice. The World itself is the sphere of learning and practice thereby strengthening the connection between technology and concerns of its development and progress, thus adjustment to workplace is well-organized amidst the competitions and challenges in life.


The name of the department forming a closed circle specifies ONENESS with the Source of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding with the protection and blessings of the Alma Matter, San Pablo Colleges guided by the CCS family.


The College of Computer Studies seeks to provide a holistic and relevant IT-based education. It aims to produce professionals who are responsive to the needs of the times, able to maximize their potentials in all circumstances thus bringing glory and honor to God, who is the source of all things.


The College of Computer Studies is dedicated in producing well-rounded individuals who are contributory to the progress of their community and country in the field of computers. The College envisions its graduates to lead productive lives, able to contribute to local and national development goals and be good global citizens.  They are expected to be exemplars of educated men and women, able to hurdle the challenges of their world and are vital members of society.

General Objectives

  1. To provide students with knowledge and understanding of computer science and office administration and their applications
  2. To inculcate students with a value system, which will help them prioritize God and country above self.
  3. To produce computer science and office administration graduates who are globally competitive and equipped to be citizens of the world.
  4. To provide the community with computer literate personnel ever responsive to the fast-changing needs of a society geared towards science and technology.

Specific Objectives

  1. To produce computer professionals who demonstrate proficiency in programming languages relevant to the industries, businesses and academe.
  2. To equip graduates of office administration with the necessary competence essential to the office environment.
  3. To develop expertise in the use of computer applications relevant in today’s world.
  4. To develop individuals who manifest exemplary values coupled with professionalism.
Academic Offerings
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program offers a relevant education in all aspects of computing technology to students who intend to succeed in industry, postgraduate study, or research oriented IT environment. It prepares students in diagnosing a wide range of computing technology issues, and in subsequently designing and developing the corresponding solutions.
The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program is a collection of Information Technology (IT) tools, methodologies, techniques, and technologies applied to address business opportunities and organizational challenges. The BSIT program highlights the role of leadership in IT in creating the right IT systems, the importance of meeting agreed user requirements, and the effective use of appropriate technology and resources.
The Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) is a two-year-course leading to any of the BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Technology, and BS in Information Systems degree courses of the CCS Program. The ACT program provides students with relevant knowledge in the field of computer technology. Students in this program are trained in computer diagnostics, repair and maintenance, designing electronic circuits, creating graphics images, and programming languages.

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