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The words – ARTSΒ  and SCIENCES

ART – implies the skill and ability acquired through patient practices and directed towards a definite end,Β  whether this end be aesthetical, ethical or useful.

According to this aim, art would be divided into Fine Arts, Arts of Conduct and Liberal Arts:Β  Fine Arts for the attainment of the beautiful, which is aesthetical; Art of Conduct which is the good andΒ  is ethical; and Liberal Arts which is useful.Β  Our department falls into the division of Liberal Arts.

SCIENCE – is from a Latin word β€œscientia” which means nothing more than definite, knowledge.Β  It is searching for judgment to which universal answers may be attained – universal, that is, on the part of those who understand the judgment and their bases.Β  A search that never ends and is never satisfied.

With this, Arts and Sciences department aims to equip the students with the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge through patient practice for a definite goal.Β  Thus, the students will become reliable economists in the field of AB Economics, dynamic political analysts in AB-Political Science; reliable psychologists in AB/BS Psychology; versatile media practitioners in AB/BS Mass Communication; proficient mathematicians in AB/BS Math; and eloquent English communicators in AB English.

The Latin phrases: AD ASTRA – to the stars; PER ASPERA – through hardship.

Nothing will be achieved the easy way, and in the process of undergoing studies, hardship will be encountered but with patience, one will be able to reach for the star – a bright future.

RADIATING ATOM – signifies the particles which flew out with great energy, and the rays signify these energies – which the department aims for everyone to possess.Β  Students will be energetic not only in conformity with their fields of specialization, but in all activities which the department will venture into, like Sports fest, IQ contest, News writing for the school’s publications and Student Government, to name a few.

BOTTLE OF INK AND FEATHERED PEN – symbolize that science must not be mistaken for a mere fragmentation of knowledge.Β  It entails a great deal of scientific research and analysis, more than just exploration.Β  The objectives of such analysis are to end up to a series of points, findings and generalization.Β  The study demands certain basic written work and test.Β  Formal lectures and discussions will be employed and students are expected to take down notes and to remember what the instructors have taught.

TEST TUBE – emphasizes laboratory work, experimentations and individual scientific researches included in Chemistry and other natural science subjects.Β  It represents the scientific quest for knowledge based on experiments and other scientific processes.



The mission of the College is three-fold:

C – commit in providing qualty education with concern to family, environment and global society

A –Β apply fundamental training for competency and proficiency of students in their chosen fields necessary for professional development

S –Β serve as the avenue for innovation and upliftment of arts, literature and humanities for personal and cultural development


An academic core of San Pablo Colleges which transmits basic knowledge in arts, humanities, communication, and natural and social sciences, and develops professional competence with spiritual and moral standards.


  1. To develop among students an inquiring mind and critical thinking necessary to make them useful and responsive leaders in society.
  2. To enable students to learn and live the values of honesty, self-discipline, love of country and faith in God essential in maintaining smooth interpersonal relationship.
  3. To make students fully aware of their roles in the community where they live and take active part in social, cultural, economic and political issues as well as in the solution of problems.


  1. Admission Slip (Record Section)
  2. Entrance Examination (OSS)
    1. 2 copies (2 x 2 pictures)
    2. Receipt of Exam fee
  1. Senior High School Card
    HD (Transfer Credential
    TOR valid for transfer
  2. PSA
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. 2 copies of (2 x 2 pictures)

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