The BSA program should provide a foundation of professional knowledge, professional skills and professional values, ethics and attitudes that enable them to continue to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives.
General Objectives
Professional accounting education should provide a means for students to acquire:

  1. The knowledge, proficiency, and intellectual abilitities to provide services of the minimum scope and quality which the public needs and has a right to expect from a beginning professional accountant, and
  2. The capacity to grow and develop into a fully qualified professsional accountant.
Specific Objectives
  1. The ability to work effectively, think analytically and objectively, and become mentally disciplined;
  2. The abilitiy to communicate ideas orally and in writing;
  3. An awareness of his responsibilities for continuing self-education;
  4. An appreciation of the professional accountant’s high standard of integrity and objectivitiy; and
  5. An awareness of his responsibilities to society as a professional accountant and responsible citizien.
Performance Indicators
Public Practice
  • Audit Staff
  • Consulting Staff
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting Staff
  • Management Accounting Staff
  • Internal Audit Staff
  • Budget Analyst
  • State Accountant
  • LGU Accountant
  • Revenue Officer
  • Audit Examiner
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Services Specialist
  • Junior Accounting Instructor
Middle-Level Positions
  • Audit Manager
  • Tax Manager
  • Consulting Manager
  • Senior Information Systems Auditor
  • Senior Fraud Examiner
  • Audit Services Manager
  • Accounting Department Chair
  • Partner
  • Senior Partner
  • Senior Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
Advanced Positions
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President for Finance/CFO
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
JPIA Activities
In Campus
  • JPIA Day
  • JPIA Noon
  • JPIA Night
  • JPIA Christmas Party
  • JPIA Leadership Training
  • ABMania
  • PGM Cup
  • Mr. and Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill
Out Campus
  • Banagale Cup – San Pablo City
  • Balanse Cup – Adventist University Foundation, Silang Cavite
  • Brothers President’s Cup – De La Salle – Lipa
  • ASTRA Cup – FAITH Tanauan City, Batangas
  • BIR Tax Quiz Bee – San Pablo City
  • PNC Goodwill Cup – Pamantasan ng Cabuyao
  • Dr. Hernando B. Perez Accounting Quiz – University of Batangas
  • ISOMETRIA – LSPU, Los Banos Campus
  • CEFI – JPIA – Calayan Education Foundation Institute
  • Lyceum of the Philippines – Batangas
  • Finance Executive Accounting Quiz Bowl (FINEX)
  • National Federation of Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA)
  • PICPA Regional Accounting Quiz Bowl
  • Accounting Mania
  • APEX – Regional Accounting Quiz Bee
  • Dr. Emeterio Cup

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