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Enroll now and be one of us!

Enroll now and be one of us!

The San Pablo Colleges - College of Education offers various programs in the teaching profession open to all upcoming FRESHMEN and TRANSFEREES! First 40 enrollees get free department shirt! We guarantee that in this journey, we will learn with passion and live with...

Are you one of San Pablo Colleges’ March 2023 LET Passers?

Are you one of San Pablo Colleges’ March 2023 LET Passers?

As we celebrate your achievement, the College of Education kindly requests you to please provide the following details needed for the upcoming recognition for our newly licensed teachers. Please refer to the link below.


The seal of the school consists of a circular design whose inner rim bears the inscription of its name, San Pablo Colleges, and location, City of San Pablo.  Within the inner circle is a triangle along whose sides are the words PATRIA, VIRTUS  and SCIENTIA.

The word PATRIA, stands for the love of fatherland which the school seeks to develop strives to cultivate among its students.  The SCIENTIA at the base of the triangle stands for knowledge, the continuous pursuit of which the school desires its students to engage in as a lifelong endeavor.

Within this triangle is a book, the familiar symbol for the source of formal knowledge. And behind all these stands the towering figure of the Cross, from the conjunction of whose arms radiate rays that suffuse the entire background. The Cross and the rays here represent the Christian idealism that pervades the content of instruction given in the school. The year the school was founded is indicated by the figure 1947 below the base of the triangle.


The SAN PABLO COLLEGES is an educational institution with a Christian Catholic outlook in its philosophy of education committed to
develop, harness and promote the Filipino learners who are:

  • Creation of God destined for an eternal life with Him;
  • Fully capable into: becoming creative, reflective and critical thinkers committed to serve God, country and fellowmen; and
  • Active in realizing their Filipino identity and heritage, moral and spiritual foundation, economic stability, political maturity and equitable social progress.

The San Pablo Colleges upholds the holistic development of learners making them globally competitive through outcomes-based and technology-driven instruction, quality research and proactive community engagement, thereby creating sustainability for all.


A leading educational institution which nurtures relevant, responsive and value-laden lifelong learning.

Core Values

Willingness to shape services to meet the changing needs of all learners and stakeholders, thus, making significant contributions to the larger community that impacts learning beyond ordinary times; responsible use of God’s gift in a way that takes full and balanaced account of the interests of society, shifting from the passive to a more reflective responsibility and accountability characterized by transparency, collaboration and commitment to life-long Learning.

Passion for Learning

Strong and harmonious engagement among learners in a supportive environment that considers everyone as self-determined individuals who are capable of recreating themselves to improve teaching and learning continuously, thus, exemplifying life’s success and significance for all learners.

Caring Community

Expression of genuine relationship between self and others, thus, inspiring and sharing one’s success and significance with the larger community that goes beyond giving respect to the worth and dignity of all learners amidst invididual difference and diversity.

Sense of Pride

Delighting in one’s success and that of other learners, and continuously seeking for challenging experiences, while enhancing one’s feelings of pride and self-worth as a way of celebrating life’s journey, staying connected and proud of being identified as an SPCian.

General Objectives

The San Pablo Colleges shall establish and maintain a complete, adequate and integrated system of formal, non-formal and distance mode of education in basic, technical and higher curricular offerings that are relevant to the needs of individuals community and larger society.

Specific Objectives
  1. Intensify quality, relevant, and excellent instructional programs in all levels of education.
  2. Inculcate in all levels of student learning the virtues of core values in all phases of instruction, research and extension.
  3. Strengthen the conduct of research and publication in all levels of education, and
  4. Promote community extension programs including non-formal and capability building programs.
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