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Message of the President

San Pablo Colleges has been a landmark in the city. In its 72 years of existence it has never forgotten why she was established. It never lost its vision and mission of educating the youth of San Pablo and its nearby neighbors especially the marginalized who deserved to be in school up to this time. The Institution is unstoppable. After celebrating its 70th year it continues to provide a quality education that us sustainable and accessible to all who chooses to be with her. She continuously expanding her programs both local and international. Today, she has achieved the Level III accreditation for the programs Liberal Arts, Education, and Business. Level II for Basic Education and a Level I for Nursing and Graduate School awarded by the Philippine Association of Colleges and University – Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and indication of growth in excellence; it has also done collaboration and linkages with other university both here and abroad. Just recently we did an MOU with the University of Kasetsart in Thailand particularly in education. Although the college has evolved herself to follow the new trends such as being technology driven for the 21st century as well as moving to the 4th industrial revolution it has never forgotten to be traditional in its core values: Stewardship, Passion for Learning, Caring Community, and Sense of Pride. San Pablo Colleges will remain to be an institution for lifelong learners and prepare those who choose to be with the institutions for life.

– Dr. Ma. Socorro M. Eala
History of SPC
To meet the needs of the growing school-age population of the City of San Pablo and its neighboring towns, a group of pioneering men, among them were Major Ricardo Bonilla, Dr. Antonio Azores, Mr. Ambrosio Alcantara and many others founded and established the San Pablo Colleges in 1947.

From its humble beginnings, in makeshift rooms and in rented buildings, the San Pablo Colleges in a brief span of five years acquired a one-half hectare piece of walled lot at Hermanos Belen Street in the heart of the city of San Pablo. Dr. Antonio Azores was its first President. During Dr. Alip’s tenure that full government recognition was granted to the Grade School, the Secondary School and the courses in Secretarial, Education, Commerce, Liberal Arts and Law.

However, it was in the middle 50’s that the San Pablo Colleges began to build its prestige in becoming one of the notable institutions in the country. This time a comprehensive building program was undertaken. Judge Paulo de Gala Macasaet, considered as the father of this Golden Era of Renaissance, was Chairman of the Board of Trustees and later College President. It was also during his time that the Graduate Institute was recognized and much later the Nursing Course. The objective then was a school that would be second to none.

This quest for educational excellence initiated by Judge Macasaet is now the very goal pursued by his successors. The present leadership has embarked on programs seeking the accreditation of its courses and has been continuously searching how the teaching learning process will not only be effective and efficient but relevant as well.

As everyone knows education is ever growing and there is no end to its progress. Every generation shall have its contribution and for now there is no substitute for the development of the College we all love and revere.


To develop the learners holistically and to transform them to be globally competitive professionals through quality instruction, research, and community engagement.


An excellent academic institution which nurtures diverse learners through relevant, innovative, and value-laden education.

Core Values


Fidelity to and being grounded in the faithfulness of God, realizing that there is more to life thereby committing their lives in the service of mankind and the salvation of souls.


Willingness to shape services to meet the changing needs of all learners and stakeholders, thus, making significant contributions to the larger community.

Passion of Learning

Strong and harmonious engagement among learners considers everyone as self-determined individuals who are capable of recreating themselves to improve teaching and learning.

Caring Community

Expression of genuine relationship between self and others, thus, inspiring and sharing one’s success and significance with the larger community that goes beyond giving respect to the worth and dignity of all.

Sense of Pride

Delighting in one’s success and continuously seeking for challenging experiences, while enhancing one’s feelings of pride and self-worth and staying connected and proud of being identified as an SPCian.

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